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Myanmar Power Utilities Congress 2015, Yangon, Myanmar

When: 23-24 April 2015

Where: Summit Parkview Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Officially supported by the Ministry of Electric Power (MOEP) and the Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE), the Myanmar Power Utilities Congress 2015 brought together over 300 senior executives, stake holders from government ministries and local and international investors.

Key topics discussed included:

  • Role of Electric Power Ministry & Master Plan to Meet the Increasing Energy/Utilities Needs
  • Myanmar’s Power Development Strategy from Government’s Perspective
  • New Foreign Investment Law and its Implications for Myanmar’s Power Sector
  • Role of Hydropower in a Changing Climate and As an Integrator of the Overall Renewable Energy Mix
  • Strategies for Sustainable Hydropower Development in Myanmar
  • The Role of Hydro and Thermal Power in Myanmar’s Future Power System
  • Financing Development for Power&Infrastructure Projects in Myanmar
  • Power plant development – How do other SE Asian countries attract investment?
  • Power Development in Myanmar from TNB’s Perspective
  • KEPCO’s Experience in Power Development
  • Experiences from Thailand – Applicable to the Myanmar power & electric markets
  • The Status of Renewable Energy in Myanmar(Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Biofuel, Solar, Ocean)
  • Power Plant Development in the New Myanmar
  • Domestic Supply of Natural Gas for Sustainable Power Generation
  • IPP basis Gas-fired Power Plant Development in Myanmar
  • Sarawak’s Story of Harnessing Sustainable Hydropower to Drive Massive Industrial Development
  • Geothermal Outlook, Lessons Learned from Indonesia
  • Building an efficient Electricity Transmission System in Myanmar
  • Enhancing Power Delivery & Transmission Grid
  • Next Generation Cost-Effective Analysis and Design of Transmission Line
  • Venturing in to Myanmar Energy Sector through Partnership: From Local Perspective

James Finch presented on the topic of “Legal and regulatory issues for a power project in Myanmar”.

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