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OTC Derivatives in Cambodia, 8 October (Cambodia)

Over a fine breakfast served at Topaz, DFDL’s Patrick Smith was joined by Jerome Pirouz of the Currency Exchange Fund (TCX) and Hana Becickova of Mantis to provide an overview of OTC Derivatives in Cambodia with a particular focus on currency risk and the instruments available to hedge against it.  


Key topics to be covered included: 

1. A general overview of OTC Derivatives covering: 

  • The nature of risk; 
  • A basic description of what OTC Derivatives are; 
  • How OTC derivatives are documented; and 
  • Legal/Tax issues. 

2. A focus on currency risk converting: 

  • Macro-economic and currency risk in Cambodia – a current assessment and economic drivers; 
  • Latest macro-economic outlook: baseline scenario and risks; 
  • How to use a forward or swap to hedge a currency mismatch; 
  • How forwards and swaps are priced; 
  • Hedging alternatives available in Cambodia; and 
  • How it works in practice. 

The topics discussed were of interest to a wide range of personnel at banks, microfinance institutions and large corporations.

Date: October 08

Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am

Venue: Topaz Restaurant № 182, Norodom Blvd.

Price: No cost for selected clients and friends.

For inquiries, please contact or +855 78 222 701.