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Phnom Penh Tax Workshop – The New Property Tax

  Tax Workshop – The New Property Tax

28 February 2011 at the Phnom Penh InterContinental Hotel

Will the Property Tax affect you if you only own buildings or installations but no land? Does the tax apply when you lease land or hold a concession? How to understand the exemptions for non-profit organizations or agriculture? Can you be held liable for the Property Tax of the seller when you buy real estate? These and other practical questions are hot issues in 2011 as the Property Tax is implemented in Cambodia.

Do not miss this in-depth workshop where leading tax experts explain how the new Property Tax will be applied in practice! In addition, a top level update on new tax audit practices by the Cambodian tax authorities:

–     Does the Property Tax apply to leased property? 
–     Special issues for BOT projects, transmission and power equipment, industrial facilities
–     What if you own buildings, hotel, apartments but not land?
–     How can non-profit organizations be exempt?
–     When to register, declare, and pay the tax? 
–     Corporate Tax Audit Update: new challenges and practices of the tax authorities in Cambodia
–     New experiences with the GDT on interest free loans

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Edwin Vanderbruggen
Managing Director, Tax & Customs Practice Group
Jean Loi
Partner, Tax & Customs Practice Group
Laysym Sim
Senior Tax Manager
Clint O’Connell
Senior Tax Manager