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Queen Mary’s University Energy Law Program | 19 – 23 June | London

When : 19th – 23rd June 2017

Where : Queen Mary University of London, London, UK

DFDL warmly invites you to join us in making history at the first Energy Law Summer Program ever to be held at the prestigious Queen Mary University London, Law School in London.

This ambitious new course is primarily geared towards, and purposefully designed for the particular interest and benefit of solicitors and lawyers, advanced law students, regulators, and key economic stakeholders alike. Here, the fundamentals of energy law will be introduced, discussed, and analyzed in comprehensive detail. Newcomers will be uniquely introduced to the world of policy, science, and technology issues that surround energy law, in ways that will be clear, concise, enlightening and engaging. This course will feature discussions, group exercises, practical guidance, and activities, spearheaded by internationally recognized experts in the field.

DFDL is proud to participate in this prestigious inaugural event, in association with Queen Mary University Law school, along with specialists and renowned academics from across the globe. In tune with our pioneering regional commitment and dedication to being at the vanguard of legal development and diversification in ASEAN, DFDL experts will host an entire day’s proceedings, ready to expand further on topics such as taxation, transparency, compliance, and Asian energy projects.

Venue: Centre for Commercial Law Studies,
Queen Mary University of London,
67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields,
London WC2A 3JB, UK

DFDL Speakers: 

David Doran
Founding Partner
Jack Sheehan
Regional Tax Practice Group
William Greenlee
Partner; Managing Director, Myanmar; Head of DFDL China Desk

For more information and registration, please contact:

Professor Raphael Heffron