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Regional Employment Law Asia Masterclass, Singapore

When: 8-9 April 2015

Where: Singapore

This masterclass looked at the current hot topics on the latest Employment Law developments locally and abroad. It combined formal presentations with informal workshops and real life case studies on typical scenarios in the workplace.

The event has:

  • Identified the latest developments in employment law in Singapore and throughout Asia
  • Recognised the diversity of employment law regimes across the region
  • Minimised challenges in setting consistent employment policies and practices
  • Chose and implemented appropriate international assignment models
  • Determined the key issues to be addressed in an employment contract
  • Found out the impact of employment law from re-organisation, M&A and transfer of business
  • Handled termination and dismissal effectively and compliantly
  • Effectively managed expatriate expectations and minimize culture clashes
  • Examined labour contract law challenges in China
  • Gained practical tips on labour unionisation
  • Got updates on recent employment law developments in China including discrimination, data protection, annual leave and the new arbitration and mediation rules
  • Reviewed the possible issues when outsourcing labour
  • Understood how the different classes of employment law applies to different class of employees in India

On 8 April, Thierry Gougy, being one of the speakers, presented on the current status of employment law in Myanmar. His presentation covered the below topics:

  • Hiring practices (including very recent legislation
  • Leave and Holidays employees are entitled to receive
  • Payment of wages
  • Termination of employment (both for cause and without cause)
  • Severance payments in the case of termination without cause
  • Basic overview of taxation of employees focusing on the employer’s obligations in this regard
  • Overview of social security system
  • Common contractual provisions found in employment agreements in Myanmar
  • Issues on which we are still awaiting resolution from the Government

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