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Tax & Compliance for Expatriate Employees in Cambodia

How to avoid tax problems in relation to remuneration paid to expatriate employees? Which payments can be tax free? Are Cambodian taxes and registration required for short term assignments? These questions regularly come up for international enterprises in Cambodia. Staff may be assigned from the head office to Cambodia for long or short term assignments and local labor and tax compliance procedures have to be respected depending on each case. How to calculate the taxes that are based on net or on gross- arrangements? What taxes will apply to the fringe benefits of the expatriate employee? Employment contract issues may also come up in this context, and the registration of foreign employees.

In this practical half-day Workshop, DFDL tax and compliance advisers share their extensive experience with you on a wide range of issues related to assigning expatriate employees, including:

  • How to calculate tax and company tax deductions when remuneration is on net or gross basis?
  • Tips on drafting the contract: how to avoid tax problems by drafting your employment contract carefully
  • Is salary paid offshore also taxable in Cambodia?
  • Which employee benefits are taxes free in Cambodia? Practical recommendations
  • Common disputes on expatriate remuneration with Cambodian tax authorities (and how to resolve them)
  • Labor registration and immigration issues for new expatriate employees

Please note that Part I of the presentation will be in English by Edwin Vanderbruggen, Part II will be in Khmer by Sim Laysym and for a separate group in English by Edwin Vanderbruggen.

DFDL is pleased to invite you to attend our Workshop on Tax & Compliance for Expatriate Employees in Cambodia to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Phnom Penh on 11th June, 2010, 8.30 am – 12.00 pm (Registration US$80 + 10% tax per person includes printed documentation and refreshments). Paces are limited and we recommend that you confirm your attendance as soon as possible by replying to Joanna Estember ( For more information, call Joanna at 023 210 400 or at 077 777 062.

Languages: English and Khmer

Edwin Vanderbruggen
Director, Regional Tax Practice

Laysym SimSenior
Tax Adviser, Head of the Cambodian Tax Practice

Olivier Rath Kry
Deputy-Head, Corporate & Commercial Practice Group