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Tax Audits Updates: New Issues and Preactices You Need to Be Aware Of

DFDL Tax Workshop


InterContinental Hotel, Phnom Penh Friday, 19 August 2011

What are the developments on interest fee loans in Cambodia? What is “turnover” for prepayment of profit tax & the minimum tax? Which issues are likely to come up during the final tax audit in liquidation? How are QIPs now audited?

In a tax regime that is still in development, complying with tax laws and resolving disputes with tax authorities may be challenging. Cambodia has modern tax laws and compliance obligations, and an elaborate system of cross-check tax audits that are carried out by different departments within the General Department of Taxation (GDT).  The GDT carries out desk audits, limited audits and comprehensive tax audits.

DFDL’s Tax & Customs team is widely recognized for its unique experience on tax audit projects. Our team will present their real-life expertise and successful track-record in controversy issues and discuss in depth the following topics:

  • Interest fee loans: New developments
  • Final tax audit in liquidation: Which issues are likely to come up?
  • How are QIPs audited?
  • Transfer pricing problems in practice
  • Stamp Tax on billboards and leaflets
  • Permanent establishment: Cambodia tax on Income derive by foreign companies
  • What is “turnover” for prepayment of profit tax & the minimum tax?
  • Director without remuneration
  • New Regulations


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