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TCX: Investor Forum, Vientiane, Lao PDR

When: 24 March 2015

Where: Vientiane, Lao PDR

On 24 March, Walter Heiser gave a presentation on foreign investment law and opportunities and challenges for foreign investors at the TCX Investor Forum in Vientiane. He examined the key regulatory risks in the Lao PDR for foreign investors. The investor forum in the Lao PDR complemented the forum series that was held in Cambodia and Myanmar.

Heiser’s presentation included the following topic:

  • What is the current directions of the foreign investment law and implications for foreign investors
  • What challenges still facing foreign investors in Lao PDR and how are they being resolved?
  • Examining the key regulatory risks in Lao PDR
  • Dealing with arbitration and the enforcement of the law in Lao PDR
  • Interpretation of the Latest Lao PDR Foreign Investment Law

Walter also appeared in the short movie that was produced following the TCX Investor Forum summarizing the findings of the day. The forum was co-organized with Mantis and the Bank of Lao PDR.

To view the full list of the agenda, please click here.

For more information and to view the short movie, please click here.