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Free Workshop regarding Draft VAT Law in Laos, 7 May 2013 (Vientiane, Laos)


The International Finance Corporation and DFDL


Draft VAT Law and VAT Survey Findings 2013,

a free VAT Workshop

7 May 2013 – Vientiane, Laos

DFDL was a key player in the workshop on the “New Draft VAT Law and the VAT Survey Findings” hosted by the IFC and the Lao Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, in Vientiane on Tuesday, 7 May.  Jack Sheehan, Tax Partner, took on a number of roles in the workshop including Master of Ceremonies for the event, presenter and as panel member.  

The workshop was an opportunity for the international and local business communities to hear first-hand accounts of the new Draft VAT Law and participate in discussions before the law’s approval and implementation, which are pending.  The workshop drew significant interest from companies, embassies, “Big Four” firms and various organizations. Almost 80 people attended.

Besides Mr. Sheehan’s presentation of the survey results, the workshop also included an explanation by an IFC expert on “Good Regional and International VAT Practices” and the Tax Department’s presentation on the new Draft VAT Law.

“This was a very well-attended workshop and showed DFDL’s leading role in current taxation issues and our place as a stakeholder in Laos.  This is the first event of its kind to bring together tax advisers, tax authorities and leading World Bank experts to discuss the drafting of one of the most important laws in Laos,” said Mr. Sheehan. 

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Congratulations to the Lao team for a successful event.