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Dave Seibert

Senior Legal Adviser & Deputy Head of the Regional Energy Mining and Infrastructure Practice Group

Dave Seibert is a Senior Legal Adviser, in our Hanoi office, with experience in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. His primary field of expertise focuses on the Energy, Mining, and Infrastructure sectors. In 2002, he studied Japanese language and culture at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, going onward to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Robert Morris University, Pennsylvania, USA in 2003. Dave subsequently attained his Juris Doctor from Michigan State University in 2007.

Upon receiving his J.D., he became a Senior Legal Specialist in regulatory affairs and ISO functions for the Texas electric energy system operator during the implementation of its nodal market design. Since then, Dave has inhabited various roles in Cambodia and Myanmar, having recently been a Senior Associate, leading the Energy and Natural Resources Practice Group, prior to joining DFDL. With DFDL, he has worked on a multitude of matters regarding natural gas, solar, and hydropower electricity generation projects. Additionally, he has advised on electricity tariff structuring and market design, along with advocated for project procurement at various governmental levels. Dave has provided guidance on petroleum product importation and distribution projects; and over a dozen electric power generation projects in Myanmar. In Vietnam, Dave has assisted with a number of electric energy projects, ranging from greenfield, EPC, financing, and M&A.

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E-mail: Dave.Seibert@dfdl.com

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