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David Doran

Founding Partner

David Doran is a Founding Partner of DFDL. He has over 25 years’ experience as a legal adviser in the Mekong Region. After having run DFDL’s offices in the Lao PDR and Cambodia, David relocated to Bangkok in 2005 and subsequently opened DFDL’s office there. David has special expertise in the energy sector, having represented both developers and lenders for major power projects in the region, with focus on hydropower projects. He has advised on nearly 20 hydropower projects worth over USD 15 billion in the Lao PDR and major non-hydro projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia. He also has strong experience in Thailand and regional M&A transactions. He speaks English and French.  David was born in Thailand and is a Thai citizen.  He is authorized to provide legal advice in Thailand and is admitted to the practice law in California and Washington State.

Phone: +662 059 4090

Fax: +662 059 4099

E-mail: david.doran@dfdl.com

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