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Banking Regulation 2024 by Global Legal Insights

We are excited to announce the release of Global Legal Insights – Banking Regulation 2024, which includes a pivotal chapter on Indonesia authored by Nusantara DFDL Partnership.

This edition provides an in-depth look at the regulatory framework governing the banking sector. The Indonesia chapter, contributed by our experts, offers a detailed analysis of the country’s regulatory architecture, recent developments, and the evolving landscape of bank governance and internal controls.

Key topics explored in this comprehensive guide include:

  • Regulatory Architecture: An overview of banking regulators and key regulations in Indonesia.
  • Regulatory Themes and Developments: Insight into the latest trends and changes within the banking sector.
  • Bank Governance/Internal Controls: A look at the frameworks ensuring the integrity and stability of banking institutions.
  • Fintech: An examination of the impact of financial technology on traditional banking practices.
  • Bank Capital Requirements: Analysis of capital adequacy standards for Indonesian banks.
  • Customer and Third-Party Relations: Guidelines on banks’ conduct with customers and other external entities.

Global Legal Insights – Banking Regulation 2024 serves as an essential resource for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of banking law and stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic field. We are proud to contribute to this influential publication and share our legal insights on Indonesia’s banking regulations.

To view, download or print the PDF version of the Indonesia chapter, please click on below download button.

Vinay Ahuja
Partner, Managing Director, Indonesia & Singapore | Head of Regional Banking and Finance
Indonesia, Singapore
Vinay is a seasoned Partner and Group Leader of the Regional Banking & Finance Practice Group, with expertise in fintech and technology.