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Cambodia – Supporting Your Business During the Lockdown

In compliance with the Royal Government of Cambodia lockdown order on Phnom Penh and Takhmao town for a period of two weeks (from 15 April to 28 April), DFDL office will remain closed but the DFDL advisers teams will be working online at full capacity. We extend our full support to the Royal Government of Cambodia in its efforts to protect citizens from COVID-19.

We would like to reassure you that DFDL takes the needs and well-being of our clients, our people and local communities seriously. While maintaining focus on keeping everyone safe, we are continuing business operations as usual, and at the current time our people are reliably working from home and available online. We have enacted plans across our offices to deliver uninterrupted service to our clients and we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. All members of DFDL remain ready to serve client needs. DFDL has a well-established agile working program which enables remote working across all our offices without impacting our operations. Our people are equipped to work from home, or from alternate locations, across our network to serve our clients’ needs without interruption.

We hope the above provides you with the reassurance that we can continue to partner together uninterrupted during this challenging time in Cambodia.

Please reach out to your regular DFDL point of contact or any of our key contacts below, if you have any questions or need any assistance.

  1. Guillaume Massin, Partner & Cambodia Managing Director
  2. Clint O’Connell, Partner, Cambodia Deputy Managing Director & Head of  Cambodia Tax Practice
  3. Seka Hep, Partner, Sarin & Associates & Cambodia Deputy Managing Director
  4. Chris Robinson, Partner & Head of Cambodia Corporate & Commercial Practice



Guillaume Massin
Partner & Cambodia Managing Director

Clint O’Connell
Partner, Cambodia Deputy Managing Director & Head of Cambodia Tax Practice

Seka Hep
Partner, Sarin & Associates & Cambodia Deputy Managing Director

Chris Robinson
Partner & Head of Cambodia Corporate & Commercial Practice