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DFDL Contributes Distressed M&A and Corporate Restructuring Guide to the In-House Community

A DFDL Team comprising William D. Greenlee, Jr. (Partner and Managing Director, Myanmar and Singapore), Nishant Choudhary (Partner, Deputy Managing Director & Head of Banking and Finance Practice, Myanmar), Rohan Bishayee (Legal Adviser) and Arijeet Nandi (Junior Legal Adviser) recently authored a guide on Myanmar Distressed M&A and Corporate Restructuring for the In-House Community. The guide outlines legal and regulatory aspects governing distressed mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) and corporate restructuring in Myanmar.

In this publication, the team provides an insightful overview of the current state of Myanmar’s distressed M&A market. They provide an in-depth explanation of the distressed M&A process covering due diligence, transaction structuring, tax considerations, its documentation, approvals and financial closing procedures. The third part of the article focuses on corporate restructuring, necessary approval processes and tax considerations. In the concluding part, our experts discuss other relevant considerations such as anti-bribery or anti-corruption measures among others.

This Myanmar guide is part of the In-House Community publication series on Distressed M&A and Corporate Insolvency which covers other countries such as: Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

William D. Greenlee, Jr. was pleased to contribute to this publication as an Advising Editor.