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DFDL Myanmar Coaches Law Students for the Jessup Moot

On 22 December, Jacobus du Plessis, DFDL Myanmar Junior Legal Adviser, prepared and coached undergraduate Myanmar law students for the Jessup Moot.

Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition, held every year, with participants from over 680 law schools spread across 100 countries and jurisdictions. The Competition simulates a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial arm of the United Nations, with one team from every eligible school allowed to participate.

The teams were then tasked with preparing oral and written arguments and rebuttals for both the applicant and respondent positions of the case.

Jacobus’s coaching session covered the fundamentals of persuasive legal writing, analysis of legal issues, along with a brief overview on the core precepts of public international law relevant to this event.

This year’s Jessup Moot featured 12 participants divided into four teams each representing: Yangon University, Mandalay University, East Yangon University, and Dagon University.

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