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DFDL Partner Leads High level Cooperation Between Tax Policy Makers in Singapore

Jack Sheehan, DFDL Partner and Regional Head of the Tax Practice Group, recently led a senior delegation from the Lao PDR to Singapore. This high level delegation included senior tax officials, including the Director General, who met with the Inland Commissioner/CEO and senior tax officials from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for discussions on domestic and international tax policy along with other related matters. The series of meetings spanned over two days at the IRAS offices in Singapore, and represents the very first dialogue of this kind ever held between the chief tax policy makers of these two countries.

DFDL wishes to thank the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for the warm welcome shown to Jack and the entire delegation, not to mention the fruitful and invaluable discussions that ensued on Singaporean and regional tax policy. DFDL would also like to thank Bryan Fornari, head of the delegation for the European Union in the Lao PDR for his gracious support on this mission.

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