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Jack Sheehan Gives a Presentation with Senior Vietnamese Tax Authorities and Leading Tax Advisers to the EuroCham in Vietnam

Jack Sheehan, Partner and Head of the Regional Tax Practice spoke at an event, held in association with Eurocham Vietnam on “Regional Tax and Trade Developments Affecting Vietnam and ASEAN in 2019”, on 19 February, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This event featured presentations by a Senior Tax Official from the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department and leading advisers on some of the key tax and trade developments that will impact on Vietnam and ASEAN in 2019.

The presentations opened with Hguyen Huu Tuyen, Vice Head of the Inspection Department of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department on recent Vietnamese tax developments. This was followed by Jack’s talk outlining the latest tax developments in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Lao PDR, and  ending with Jack Nguyen, Managing Director of TMF, on Vietnam’s various free trade agreements such as AFTA, CPTPP, and recently concluded agreements with the European Union.

The event included a panel discussion and Q&A session where the participants had the opportunity to ask questions to Senior Tax Officials and leading tax advisers on the topical tax issues affecting businesses in Vietnam and the region.

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