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DFDL Vietnam donates USD 1,250 to Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam

DFDL Vietnam has donated USD 1,250 to Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam to support Mai Nha’s activities in Binh Thuan province.

Mai Nha (which means “roof” in Vietnamese) will use the donation to build two houses for 20 orphaned children, as well as to provide scholarships for more than 80 schoolchildren in the village of Thien Nghiep, 200 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City.

The children will be able to live at Mai Nha houses until they achieve independence, around age 20. Each home will house 10 children and one “mother Mai Nha,” who will care for and guide the children as they grow up.

Marc Witlox, one of Mai Nha’s founders, said he was “impressed and moved” to hear about the commitment from leading professionals to his organization’s activities.

Witlox, who has more than six years’ experience in Vietnam as a financial management consultant, personally supervises and monitors Mai Nha construction efforts, as well as hiring of local teams, onsite training, and the hosting of the children.

DFDL Vietnam joined an initiative of Business Support Associates for a total donation of USD 3,750 to support Mai Nha’s work.

Jerome Buzenet, Managing Director at DFDL Vietnam, said “we are very pleased to join this initiative and provide our support to Mai Nha’s activities.”

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