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Marion Carles-Salmon Participates in Webinar on Employment & Labor Law Year in Review in Vietnam

Between 12-14 January 2021, the Employment Law Alliance (“ELA“) hosted a series of webinars on “Employment Law in the Asia-Pacific – A Year in Review”. Marion Carles-Salmon (DFDL Head of Regional Employment & Labor Practice) joined as presenter along with other employment and labor experts to discuss the labor and employment changes that had the greatest impact on workers and enterprises in 2020. Together they also outlined various and wide-ranging anticipated developments in 2021 that will affect businesses of all sizes and types around the globe. Marion’s presentation largely focused on important changes to Vietnamese labor legislation in 2020. Her speech also highlighted the key developments that employers in Vietnam can expect and should make due preparations for in 2021. The audience learned about the new business strategies and standards that have emerged to cope with and adapt to the crisis such as codifying work-from-home arrangements, workplace closures and new health and safety protocols among many more.