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Nishant Choudhary Recently Quoted in EuroMatters

Nishant Choudhary, DFDL Myanmar Deputy Managing Director and Co-chair of EuroCham Myanmar’s legal advocacy group, was recently quoted in the second edition of EuroCham Myanmar’s new magazine “EuroMatters”: business magazine for executives in Myanmar.

The first article focuses on Heritage and Conservation: “Yangon takes centre stage in the race to become Southeast Asia’s heritage darling”. Nishant commented on the Government’s responsibility to protect and preserve heritage buildings at the central and regional authority level. Nishant observed that the several laws to regulate the use of historic buildings “boil down to the implementation issue”.

In the second article on Myanmar Safety and Protection: “Safety in Myanmar’s construction gradually improves”, Nishant noticed that there are several laws concerning safety which seem to be very antiquated and out of touch with the changing work environment: “The existing occupational safety and health laws such as the Factories Act, Oilfield Labour and Welfare Act and Shops and Establishment Act are in the process of being replaced with a new Occupational Safety and Health Law (OSHL)”. He affirmed that a draft of the new law has already been shared last year with as of yet no further update. The new regulation will aim to improve safety and health conditions imposing obligations on employers, employees, and penalties in the event of non-compliance.

The full article can be read here.

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