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Tax Issues & Strategies For Successful Investments in Cambodia

VAT Refund process? Audits? Tax incentives? Profit repatriation? Transfer Pricing? Cambodia/China double tax agreement?  You want to understand more about these terms?

Watch our latest video where our tax expert, Clint O’Connell, discusses tax issues and strategies for successful investments in Cambodia.

DFDL, in collaboration with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, held a breakfast seminar on “Investment strategies for Chinese investors in Cambodia”.

At this breakfast seminar, experts from DFDL and our guest speaker from Yingke Law Firm explored the following:

  • Overview of structuring projects across various sectors;
  • Tax considerations for successful investments;
  • Labour overview and recent developments; and
  • Outbound investment approval procedures and general risk management.

This video features the tax highlights of this seminar as explained by our expert, Clint O’Connell:

  • VAT Refund process
  • Audits
  • Tax incentives
  • Profit repatriation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Cambodia/China double tax agreement

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Clint O’Connell

Partner, Head of Cambodia Tax Practice Group

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