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William Greenlee Quoted in Asia Business Law Journal Article on Myanmar Current Investment Framework

William Greenlee, Partner and Myanmar/Singapore Managing Director, was recently quoted in the Asia Business Law Journal article “Law firms in Myanmar cautious on future”.

This article focuses on the current political instability in Myanmar due to the military takeover on 2 February 2021. It discusses the impacts these developments are having on the legal and investment climate in the country and especially how these events may affect investor confidence when it comes to considering future potential activities in the country.

William, along with other key experts, noted that due to the current situation some international investors were pulling out due to reputational concerns of dealing with the military authorities but that so far the leadership has shown no indications of discouraging foreign investment or interfering with foreign-held assets and they have signaled that the pro-business legal framework in Myanmar will continue with foreign investors’ rights being fully respected. He also outlines how the legal market is being affected by such changes and how to react as an international firm.

To understand more about Myanmar’s current investment framework read the full article here: