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Contributions by Nishant Choudhary and Bhawna Bakshi Featured in IBA Report on the Future of Work

Nishant Choudhary (DFDL Myanmar Deputy Managing Director) and Bhawna Bakshi (DFDL Myanmar Legal Adviser) substantially contributed to the International Labour Organization’s (“ILO”) and the International Bar Association’s (“IBA”) Report on the Future of Work: Special Consideration to Law and Disruptive Technologies. This report aims to outline and offer guidance on the future of employment and immigration along with attempting to understand the challenges that new technologies create in their effects on intellectual property (“IP”), tax, health, safety, forms of work organization, employment relations, criminal law, compliance, data protection, corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and the protection of human rights.

Nishant and Bhawna contributed, among other experts, to the first section of the report dealing with corporate law. They shared their insights and expertise on how corporate law and technology have been evolving in tandem over the last few years. They also discussed the interplay between corporate law and the employment relationship, diversity, and workers’ rights.

Download the IBA Report on the Future of Work here.

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