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Dave Seibert Quoted in Vietnam Renewables Solution Article

Dave Seibert (DFDL Deputy Head of Regional Energy, Mining & Infrastructure Practice) was recently quoted in an article published in the journal FDI Intelligence: “Vietnam and its renewables solution”.

In this article, Dave, along with other key industry experts, discusses Vietnam’s renewable uncertain journey due to rising energy demand and outlines the ambitious goals for offshore wind generation set by the government of Vietnam.

FDI Intelligence reported that Vietnam is aiming to boost wind power generation capacity to 2,000 MW by 2025 and 6,000 MW by 2030, with the government now targeting 127 GW of renewable capacity by 2045 with solar, onshore wind and offshore wind accounting for 43%, 31% and 17% of this respectively. As previous years were marked by the solar feed-in-tariffs and power purchase agreements, Dave explains that the 2019 solar feed-in-tariff deadline was a pivotal and important moment for international sponsors and lenders. Dave also shares his opinion on the status of the country’s forays into renewable energy solutions which, for him, remains at the beginning stages.

The full article “Vietnam and its renewables solution” can be found here: