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Dave Seibert Speaks at Infrastructure Vietnam 2019 Event

On 25 July 2019, Dave Seibert, DFDL Deputy Head of the Regional Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Practice was one of the keynote speakers at the “Infrastructure Vietnam 2019” event held at the Rex Hotel Saigon, Vietnam. Dave delivered a presentation on the topic of “Financing Options & Risk Mitigation Framework for Infrastructure Projects in Vietnam” which explained and offered analysis on a wide range of risks lenders may face when seeking to finance infrastructure projects in Vietnam. The speeches were followed by a lively and engaging Q&A session with the many attendees present, all of whom gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on this resoundingly success event certain to be reprised in the coming months.

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Dave Seibert

Dave Seibert

Senior Legal Adviser & Deputy Head Regional Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Group, DFDL Vietnam