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William Greenlee and Jacobus du Plessis Speak on Myanmar 2019 Consumer Protection Law

On 4 June 2019, the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar organized the event: ”Consumer Protection Law of 2019: Broadening the Liability of Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors for Defective Goods”. The Consumer Protection Law of 2019 was enacted in early 2019 to improve consumer protection in Myanmar and this event aimed at guiding firms operating in Myanmar on the new features of this regulation, how it is likely to be interpreted in practice, and key compliance issues to take note of.

William Greenlee (DFDL Partner; Myanmar Managing Director) and Jacobus du Plessis (DFDL Myanmar Legal adviser) gave a presentation to AMCHAM members on the topic of “Defective Goods Liability under the Consumer Protection Law of 2019”. They outlined the new regime governing liability for defective goods and drew attention to certain risks present in the broad wording of the law applicable to aspects of business supply chains and how to appropriately mitigate such risks. A vibrant Q&A session followed where our speakers opened up the floor and addressed a variety of interesting questions from the audience.


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